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Activists Resource List

Image  – You can see what charges lead to what convictions in what area etc. A better way to say this would be legal precedents. This website is used by lawyers and a bit to hard to navigate at first but you will get the hang quickly.  –  This site has tons of trainers know your rights training and lots of good legal info for activists as well as the know your rights comic books.  –  national lawyers guild, really goo resource. They will also help to find you friendly lawyers in your area if you call 888 NGL ECOLAW.  –  Catalyst project, does a lot of rad anti-racist work and has a lot of cool resources.  –   This site has two printable resources; directions on how to climb or do mid-line descent and, a second edition focusing more on direction forces, rigging and knots.  –  This site offers quite a bit on campaign strategy.


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The Activists Media Guide

IMG_0442Media is one of the most important tools for an activist to use allowing those taking part in direct actions to create headlines around the world, here is a list that I hope you will find useful.

1) Dont let the reporter control the interview, Every interview is an opportunity to communicate your message, always stick to three main messages.

2) Don’t get side-tracked or drawn into a reporter’s debate, many reporters are looking for conflict that will not serve your cause, don’t answer questions you don’t like, and be sure to bridge your answers for a better quote on the issues. For example, “Lets not forget the real important issue at hand, _____ .(insert why you are there).  Keep in mind the reporter only can use what you give them.

3) Don’t repeat a negative answer or negative question. Do not say “no comment” and never think that you will be off the record, reporters will lie to you.  Feel free to ask for clarification if you do not understand a question, or the wording in a question.

4) Feel free to say “let me get back to you momentarily, Do not answer questions you do not know, one misquote could ruin your cause, and misinformation never helps anyone.

5) Always look at the camera and don’t fidget, you need to look confident when addressing the camera. Nerves can be running high, and you don’t want to look nervous on camera. Most communication happens through body language.

6) Smile when appropriate, speak up and be energetic when answering questions.

7) Be prepared to answer reporters questions before you start the action, this will help you be more confident. This can be done before the action, by creating a list of possible questions a reporter may ask. Make sure that your soundbite responses come naturally, at the end of the day this is what the media is after, quick 2-3 second soundbites.

8) Many times at the end of an interview a reporter will ask ” Do you have anything else to add?”, leaving one of the strongest moments for you to get your message out. Make sure you reiterate your message.

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Pictures from Occupy Raid

Here are a few pictures from the Occupy Portland raid.

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New Pictures from Occupy Portland Part 2

Last night the Portland Police attempted to remove occupiers from the three parks in Portland. Nearly 5,000 protesters gathered to witness, and eventually forced the Portland Police to retreat. Here are the pictures of the ordeal as I witnessed it.

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New Pictures from Occupy Portland Part 1

Last night the Portland Police attempted to remove occupiers from the three parks in Portland. Nearly 5,000 protesters gathered to witness, and eventually forced the Portland Police to retreat. Here are the pictures of the ordeal as I witnessed it.

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Live coverage occupy Portland

I will be tweeting live and documenting the raid at Occupy Portland tonight, tomorrow I’ll post a recap of today’s monumental events.

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Occupy Instant Run Off Voting!



In 1990 the Globescope Pacific Assembly gathered in Los Angeles and featured former US president Jimmy Carter, Ted Turner and many prominent speakers to inform policy makers about environmental issues and exponential growth.

In 1992 at the First Earth Summit, known as the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, world leaders met to approve Agenda 21 a “blueprint for survival” which was put together by environmental policy makers. In the same year, 1700 renowned scientists released a statement called the “‘World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity” about the state of the planet and future of the environment.

In 1996 2500 US economists, including 8 Nobel prize winners endorsed the scientific warnings about climate change and called for economic measures to address the problem.

World leaders met in 1997 for the Kyoto Protocol conference and former vice president Al Gore spoke prophetically of the “profound alteration in the relationship between our species and our planet”.

In 1998, esteemed British Scientist James Lovelock published a piece called A Book For All Seasons in the journal Science to “encapsulate the essential information that is the basis of our civilization for preservation. He claimed that it should be done on paper because it is proven to last hundreds of years, computers haven’t held up to the challenge. Considering this is a mainstream journal, should we be concerned that they were willing to publish this article?

In 2007 the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released its Fourth Assessment Report (won a Nobel Prize) the world gathering in Copenhagen in 2009 but, like all the other conferences any agreement has yet to implement serious law, has been largely ignored by policy makers and much of the public.

A growing number of scientists, groups of scientists, government panels are coming to the conclusion that we need to act. This is exactly why we must get our money out of politics. For example, the Koch brothers are planning on spending upwards of 200 million for the 2012 election alone in an attempt to purchase the presidential election. They have already spent millions on spreading disinformation and funding false scientific studies in order to influence cuts to the EPA.

Science tells our politicians that action is needed, that climate change is happening, and our politicians fail to act time and time again because they are not looking out for the public, they are looking out for corporate interests.

Alan AtKisson, CEO of The AtKisson Group, an international sustainability consulting group and author of Believing Cassandra put it perfectly “When growing numbers of serious people, in serious venues, are saying serious things about the possibility of civilization collapse, it behoves people of all cultural perspectives to reflect on what they are actually saying But it also behoves us to do everything in our power to demonstrate…”

This is exactly why the success of the OccupyWallStreet Movement will depend on the sole ability to get money out of our politics, ending corporate greed, corruption and lack of democracy. If a demand for campaign finance reform is met, it could open the door to fixing the broken beyond repair two-party system and introduce an ideal democracy.

A Democracy that could allow multiple parties. This is why I call for the implementation of Instant Run-Off Voting. A system which allows every eligible voter to select a primary vote, and a secondary vote. If the primary voted candidate doesn’t receive enough votes to be considered, the secondary choice would count instead. Just imagine a democracy which allowed for an open invitation for new ideas and solutions to the worlds problems that allow multiple platforms for people to vote on.


The best part, instant run off voting has already been implemented in some states, and has proven to be successful, and it could be what paves the road to ending the corruption in the political system by giving the power back to the voters, and perhaps even getting rid of the electoral college.

So Please, Occupy Instant Run off Voting…. End the corporate greed and give the power back to the 99%.

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