About Me

Me at OccupyPortland

Me at OccupyPortland

I am an Environmental Science and sustainability student, blogger, activist, traveler and concerned citizen fighting for climate and political justice from Portland, Oregon. We don’t have a planet B, it is up to our generation to demand accountability from the 1%, revolution underway….


4 responses to “About Me

  1. Too bad our system is falling apart prematurely because of corruption and fascism. We need to fix it of course, but then move on to an even larger problem which is reworking society into a sustainable model that is very low energy. Large cities — gone. Residential suburbia, passenger car highways, etc. all gone. I think you can design a fractal based community plan that would be scalable but the population density would be really low and the changes required are so radical that nobody will be interested until things get really bad — and by then it will be much more difficult to build the alternatives.

    Don’t worry about climate change. It is a temporary, one shot problem that will go away soon after we get past peak oil/coal. The problems it will cause are temporary and nothing compared to the problems of living off local energy (solar, biomass etc) forever. A thousand years from now, the peak temperatures and CO2 will just be a blip corresponding to an ancient industrial hydrocarbon civilization that has been long forgotten.

    • Although I do agree with much of what you said and I do appreciate your input Peter, I have to disagree that climate change is not something to worry about. Rising tides caused by climate change, soil erosion will increase the complexity of the issues that our generation and future generations will have to deal with.

  2. I absolutely love the name of your blog……

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