Can I organize?

Its Saturday night, and ive been in a sour mood for the most part as I have attempted to scratch some things off of my never-ending list of “To-Do’s” The inevitable “To-Do” list, that is never any fun and consistently reminds us each of how lazy we are. Suddenly I find myself outraged by an email sent from Jeremy Bird from asking me if I can organize for the Presidents 2012 campaign. Really? The timing is amazing!  This email is being sent to me on a Saturday after the President decided to turn his back on the future of our Planet and his supporting grassroots base by gutting the Ozone pollution standards! I could easily create a long list of complaints that I have for this president which would cite broken promises and flat-out lies, but this email is sent to me on the final day of the Tar Sands Actions in Washington D.C. in which 1252 people were arrested outside of the White House in one of the largest displays of civil disobedience since the WTO Protests in Seattle in 1999.

I’ll organize Mr. President, but I’ll be one of the people outside of the White House that you’re ignoring. I’ll organize Mr. President, but it wont be for a politician who sells out his base, it will be for a leader who addresses our environmental concerns and stands for justice. We don’t have a planet B, our future is on the line and we need a leader not another politician.


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